At the end of your show, you’ll see why they call me
“The Trade Show ROI Guy”…

It starts with situations like THIS:

If you’ve ever attended a trade show, you’ve seen the problem every exhibitor faces. If you’ve ever been an exhibitor, you’ve definitely faced this problem, and if you’re currently planning your booth for an upcoming show, it’s a problem you’re facing right now.

You spend months planning the perfect booth setup, secure an optimal spot on the trade show floor (which in itself is an exorbitant expense), order your booth swag, print your promo, and head to the show with your team.

You get to the show to find that your expensive booth with all the flair, the signage — even your huge LED video screen — is one of hundreds (or thousands!) of other booths competing for the attention of attendees!

Half of those attendees will never even walk past your booth. Of the ones that do, most will take a glance and walk right by. Then there’s the ‘hit and run’ visitor: they take a piece of booth swag and leave before you can scan their badge! You might have been offering exactly what that person needed, but that opportunity is now lost forever.

“Rob, you’re a natural… thank you for all you’ve done for us at CES. You’re a part of the Indiegogo family now.”

David Mandelbrot

CEO, Indiegogo

Missed opportunities are costing you money!

Simply put: there are booths that get passed by, and there are booths that draw crowds. More crowds mean more badge scans, more qualified leads, and more conversions. The physical difference is often only 40 or 50 feet.

The difference to your bottom line could be millions of dollars in revenue.

You’re investing far too much to go home short of your goals.

But, I want to do more than just help you meet your goals. I want you to…

BLOW PAST your engagement goals!

My “Trade Show ROI Guy” magic performance has helped exhibitors just like you exceed what they thought was possible and smash through their goals for their booth.

However, this is NOT just a magic show! Some exhibitors make the mistake of thinking that if they just plug a magician into their booth, people will show up. This is a common misconception!

There are a lot of magicians who show up, do some “neat tricks”, and people stop to watch but then move on.

This is because most magicians know nothing about marketing!

You need more than “neat tricks” in your booth. As an entrepreneur myself, I have a background in marketing, sales, and copywriting. I will put all of this to work in your booth just as I have for my other clients, which is why they often leave a show with 2-3X the badge scans they were projecting.

“Rob is so much more than a magician. He’s an entertainer and a showman and is very skilled in merging his magic and a corporate message in a natural way to create an entertaining and informative show that, most importantly, gets people to pay attention. You will not catch anyone checking their phone while he’s working his magic. We were very pleased with his professionalism, diligence and commitment to our success at CES. Highly, highly recommended!”

Bryan Mitchell

Marketing Director, Carrier Corporation

Why Magic At A Trade Show?

Magic gets people STOP and LOOK. Then, my show acts as a self-contained sales funnel designed to get crowds of attendees BEGGING to talk to your sales team!


As promised, we’re going to do more than “neat tricks”. As part of my service, I will:

-Learn your product/service AND the needs of your clients
-Consult with your team on booth strategy to ensure you maximize your visibility and results at the show
-Remain fully invested in marketing your brand from start to finish!


Don’t want magic? Just hand me a mic!

Not all of my clients want magic performed at their booth. The truth is: it’s not right for every client.

That’s fine! Magic is only a tool — just like a microphone — used to convey your message.

If magic is not a good fit, I offer trade show presenter services to speak directly to convention attendees and get them to flood your booth!

If you only need a booth presenter, I can either learn your script OR put my improv background to use to:

-Pitch your product/service!
-Draw crowds of attendees to hear your presentation!
-Describe a live product demo in real time!

More Qualified Leads… GUARANTEED!

I’m so sure that you will be thrilled with the results we achieve at your booth, I’m willing to offer you this guarantee:

If you’re not happy with my services in your booth for any reason at the end of the first day of your trade show, you can tear up the contract, send me home, and receive a full refund for the remainder of the show days.

I have NEVER had a client take me up on this offer, but I am putting it on the table to back up my work!

Choose From My Two Trade Show Services:

Option 1: Trade Show Magician

Trade Show Magician Rob Anderson performs for a crowd at a clients booth at CES in Las Vegas.

My “Trade Show ROI Guy” magic performance in your booth is more than a magic show. It is designed to draw in convention attendees, warm them up and get them excited to talk to your sales team, leading to more qualified leads!

option 2: Trade Show Presenter

Trade show presenter Rob Anderson promotes an exhibitors booth at SEMA in Las Vegas

Great for when you don’t need magic! As a presenter in your booth, I can learn your script, or I can put my improv background to work to speak directly to convention attendees. We will draw in people who would normally pass by as they watch your live demo, or just get excited about talking to your sales team!