What are they saying about Rob?

“You’re a natural… thank you for all you’ve done for us at CES. You’re a part of the Indiegogo family now.”

David Mandelbrot

CEO, Indiegogo

“Rob Anderson makes his amazing magic and mind-reading look tossed off and easy when it’s anything but. We highly recommend Rob to anyone looking to have their minds blown and have a great, great time.”

Bryce Zabel

Chairman & CEO, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

“Rob put on a fantastic performance… I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Giles Bowman

Senior Vice President, Home Depot

“Rob, that was incredible… no idea how you did that!”

Brendan Haywood

NBA Champion

“Rob is so much more than a magician. He’s an entertainer and a showman and is very skilled in merging his magic and a corporate message in a natural way to create an entertaining and informative show that, most importantly, gets people to pay attention. Highly, highly recommended!”

Bryan Mitchell

Marketing Director, Carrier

“Fantastic show… unforgettable.”

Pam Kaufman

President, Nickelodeon Global Consumer Products

“Rob is a clever, creative magician… he had the crowd on the edge of their proverbial seats!”

Jonathan and Drew Scott

The Property Brothers

“Wow… I don’t know how to follow Rob’s performance!”

Tom Seery

CEO, Realself.com