Magic Experiences For Corporate Events

Do you want your guests to experience impossible magic that happens in their hands,
just like they’ve seen on TV?

You’ve seen amazing magic and mind-reading feats performed on shows like Penn & Teller’s Fool Us and America’s Got Talent. Your guests have seen it too, and now the bar for corporate event entertainment has been raised far above what it used to be!

With CEO and celebrity reviews like these:


“Fantastic show… unforgettable.”




“The highlight of the evening was Rob Anderson!”



“…so much more than a magician.”



It’s easy to see why my magic experiences are in such high demand for my corporate clients, in Las Vegas and across the country.

Seeking a truly unique and special experience for your  corporate event?

After performing as a magician at thousands of events for audiences from all over the world, I know what to do (and what NOT to do) in order to add the value and experience to your event that you’re looking for.

Here’s where 99% of magicians go wrong and miss the mark at corporate events… ready?


Don’t get me wrong, my magic is amazing. Your guests will rave about impossible magic that happens in their hands, and how I predicted their thoughts before they thought of them!

But… it’s not about the tricks. Most magicians put all the focus on how many “neat tricks” they can do, but they ignore your guests’ experience. You need more than a magician who will come in and do “neat tricks”. You need a seasoned entertainer who will:

-Engage your audience (everyone loves to feel like the most interesting person in the room)
-Break the ice
-Build your guests up and make them feel GREAT!

!!Beware!! Many “corporate magicians” make these mistakes instead:

-Make your event all about THEM
-Make your guests the butt of the jokes
-Perform cheap kids’ magic tricks (I have — I kid you not — seen another magician make balloon animals for the executive board of a Fortune 500 company)

“Rob Anderson makes his amazing magic and mind-reading look tossed off and easy when it’s anything but. We highly recommend Rob to anyone looking to have their minds blown and have a great, great time.”

Bryce Zabel

Chairman & CEO, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

Let’s create an experience at your event!

With the bar so high, you can’t afford to risk booking a magician who will bore (or offend!) your guests. I’ve taken my years of experience performing for thousands of people, gaining over 50 million views on Youtube, hosting my own 22 episode MTV series, and I have created two specific experiences that my clients rave about.

With both experiences, your guests will get to see the same style of magic I’ve performed on TV for Penn & Teller, along with magic tricks that I’ve performed in viral videos that have gained millions of views!

Las Vegas Corporate magician Rob Anderson performs a magic show on stage with two audience members from a large crowd

Let’s keep things easy! Here are the two magic experiences I offer:

Las Vegas Corporate magician Rob Anderson performs strolling magic at a cocktail party as a spectator reacts in amazement

For close-up magic:

Are you looking for strolling close-up magic for a cocktail party, mixer or similar corporate event? You’ll love my VIP Strolling Magic Experience.

This experience includes the interactive magic I have performed on TV and my viral videos, performed close-up for your guests as I mingle throughout the crowd.

Your guests will rave about how objects changed in their hands while they were holding them, how I knew what they were thinking before they said it, and — most importantly — what a great time they had at your event!

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Corporate magician Rob Anderson performs a magic show on stage in front of a large crowd

Stage magic shows:

Are you seeking a show on stage for a seated audience? Great news! I’ve written a stage show called “Show Me The Money!” that is perfect for audiences of 10 to 10,000!

Rather than fill a show with big clunky boxes and mirrors and trap doors, I’ve hand picked some of my FAVORITE magic routines with every day objects and adapted them into a hilarious, engaging show that gets everyone involved. Picture the type of magic you see performed on Penn & Teller’s TV show, only it’s performed for you live!

If your group likes to laugh and watch great magic on stage, you’ll love “Show Me The Money!”

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