Corporate Keynote Speaker

“Transforming illusions into insights”

As a speaker, Rob Anderson integrates magic with valuable lessons to innovate and inspire your organization. Unlock the secrets to enhancing customer experiences, fortifying mindsets, and transforming your corporate journey with one of Rob’s renowned keynotes.

Keynote Speech Descriptions

“Think Like A Magician”

Amazing customer experiences start with amazing internal experiences. Level-up the experiences your organization creates by using the same thought process magicians use to create impossible moments. Most people ask, “How did the magician do that?”. The better question is, “What was the magician’s thought process in creating that experience?”. You will learn to adapt this same thought process to the experiences you create and the problems you solve. Las Vegas magician Rob Anderson integrates magic with powerful lessons and takeaways in this unique keynote. Rob peels back the curtain and reveals the real secrets of the magician: the thinking behind how to ‘WOW’ your audience, from your team members to your clients.

Key takeaways include:
-How to unlock your ability to think radically outside the box and generate fresh ideas (with group exercise)
-How to “layer” value, and when to reveal that value for maximum impact
-“Read the room” and understand your clients’ needs
-Improve everyone’s situation when you stop trying to “get the applause”
-If they like you, they’ll like everything you do (rapport building for business)
-How to “flow with the go” and be flexible when the unexpected happens

Core Topics: Innovation & Creativity, Consumer Engagement, Team Building, Business Growth & Change

“What Could Go Wrong”

What are your team’s worst-case-scenarios? What do you do when faced with an unforeseen crisis that requires an immediate solution? In his highly public career as a Las Vegas magician, TV host, and entrepreneur, Rob Anderson has had to solve many such challenges. The lessons learned along the way will impact your organization with insights on how to solve your own unforeseen challenges. This talk is a collection of stories from behind the scenes of Rob’s career, from hilariously bad moments on stage to truly life-altering catastrophes. Through it all, Rob explains with video clips from his TV appearances and viral videos how he solved each problem with limited resources, and often on the fly as “the show must go on”.

Key takeaways include:
-Focusing on finding solutions instead of dwelling on problems
-Prioritizing mental health in difficult times
-The importance of putting the right people in the right roles when building your team
-How to forgive unforgivable actions
-How to “flow with the go” and be flexible when the unexpected happens

Core Topics: Overcoming Adversity, Mindset and Motivation, Problem Solving, Mental Health

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