Something interesting was happening at the Indoor Ag-Con trade show!

When Klassman-Dielmann set out to debut their new Nygaia substrate, they didn’t want their booth to get lost in the mix. Hundreds of other booths would be set up around them vying for attention. Even with a great booth setup, it would be easy for attendees at the show to walk right past.

Their solution? Bring in trade show magician Rob Anderson! (that’s me)

Seriously? A magician at a trade show booth? Why?

Great question! I’m glad you asked. Nobody shows up to a trade show to watch a magic show. But, people will stop to watch a magician out of curiosity to see what’s going to happen.

How many people stop to watch? WAY more than you’d expect. Trade show booth magic grabs people’s attention and holds them much longer than a candy bowl or coffee machine.

A crowd gathers to watch magician Rob Anderson perform magic at a trade show booth in Las Vegas.

That’s when we hook them…

They stop to watch the magic, and while they’re being entertained, we weave in your message!

We speak directly to your clients’ pain points, and get the interested in talking to your sales reps. By the end of a few magic tricks, they’ll be begging to talk to your team!

Magician Rob Anderson performs at a trade show booth while wearing a black suit.

This trade show booth filled up!

Back to Nygaia. How did we weave something like a sustainable substrate into a magic show? We always have the ability to come up with a custom magic trick using the client’s product. However, that wasn’t necessary at this show.

I worked with this client to learn their product and their messaging. I learned their customer avatar, and the pain points of that customer.

I learned how to talk about the problem of substrates contaminating hydroponic systems with loose debris and microplastics. I spoke about the issues with other substrates not being sustainable. These are things I learned just for this client, as I always do for my clients. This is the difference between a trade show marketing magician, and a magician who shows up to do a few cheap tricks at your booth.

As I performed some amazing magic that held their attention, I used specific messaging to speak directly to their customers’ pain points…

Trade Show Magician Rob Anderson performs at a booth at Indoor Ag-Con

The trade show results are in…

The result was a HUGE boost in traffic into this trade show booth. As expected, people stopped that would have normally walked by, they loved the magic, and they stuck around to talk to the sales team. Most imporantly: they were warmed up from cold non-prospects into qualified leads!

A group of 5 men smile while holding beers at a trade show booth at Indoor Ag-Con

Magic at the trade show booth was a huge success!

Direct from the clients marketing director:

‚ÄúThank you very much! My colleagues were very impressed by your performance and bringing people to our booth. The feedback was more than positive! You really are a pro at what you do.”

Are you ready to boost your trade show booth traffic?

If you’re ready to stop missing out on qualified leads at your own trade show booth, let’s talk.

I’m a professional magician with a sales and marketing background, and I want to help you at your trade show booth! I’ve helped hundreds of clients blow past their trade show goals. Contact me today for a free quote!