When you’re planning a booth at a trade show, standing out is everything. The space is competitive, with hundreds (or thousands!) of booths clamoring for attention. Just setting out a bowl of candy or free coffee isn’t enough to get people into your booth and talking to your reps. So how can you draw attendees in and warm them up into qualified leads? That’s where the magic comes in—literally! A magic act that combines a strong marketing message can have a huge impact on your booth’s traffic and engagement.

In this article, I’ll walk you through five reasons why hiring a magician (the RIGHT magician) can transform your booth into THE booth that draws attendees. This will get them to not only stop by but also remember your brand long after they’ve left the show floor.

1. Trade Show Magicians Are A Crowd Magnet

Magic Draws a Crowd

Nothing gathers a crowd like the promise of something amazing. Imagine walking down rows of booths and seeing a crowd buzzing with excitement; you’d want to see what’s up, right? That’s the power of magic. People are curious to stop and watch something interesting, and magic does the first thing you need at your booth – it gets people to stop and look.

Small Crowds Draw Larger Crowds

People are nosey – if we see a group gathering to watch something happening, we naturally want to see what’s going on. At your booth, after a few people stop to watch a trick, others will see a crowd building, and they can’t help but stop to see what’s going on. By the end of a 5-minute magic show, a couple spectators can turn into a whole crowd. It’s not unusual to see them looking over each other’s shoulders while trying to get into your booth!

Trade Show Magician Rob Anderson performs at a clients booth at an airline trade show as a crowd of attendees applauds the performance.

2. Magicians Create Memorable Interactions

Magic Makes Your Brand Memorable

Magic isn’t just about the tricks; it’s about the experience. When I tailor tricks to include a company’s product—like making their new product magically appear—the moment sticks with people. It’s not just a trick; it’s a memorable interaction that ties your brand to something extraordinary.

Why Interaction Matters

People won’t always remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel. Magic makes them feel astonished, amused, and connected. These emotions link directly to your brand, enhancing recall significantly when it comes time to make purchasing decisions.

3. Magic Engages People

More Time, More Opportunities

During my booth performance, I’m not just doing tricks; I’m talking directly to individual spectators. This isn’t just good for my performance; it’s great for your sales team. I keep them there at your booth for a few minutes to warm them up and get them comfortable. More time spent at the booth translates to more opportunities to engage with potential clients and deepen connections.

Magic as a Conversation Starter

After a trick, there’s always a buzz. People wonder, “How did he do that?” This opens up a perfect opportunity for your team to step in, chat with the amazed attendees, and steer the conversation towards your products or services.

4. Magic Is The Perfect Ice Breaker!

Easing into Business

Let’s be honest, starting a conversation can be tough, especially when you’re trying to pitch a product. Magic acts as a natural ice breaker. After sharing a magical moment, people are more relaxed and open to chatting, making things much easier for your sales team.

From Magic to Business

I always talk about the customers’ pain points during my performance. They understand that they’re hearing the opening to a sales pitch, but they’re disarmed because of the fun and lighthearted way I bring it up. At the end of the show, I encourage everyone to stay at the booth and speak to the reps about solving those pain points.

A crowd gathers to watch magician Rob Anderson perform tricks at a trade show booth in Las Vegas.

5. Magicians Create Shareable Content

Magic Goes Viral

In today’s digital age, a good magic trick doesn’t end at the booth. People film it, share it, and it goes viral. This means not just live attendees but also an online audience gets engaged with your brand. Magic creates shareable moments that can elevate your brand’s visibility far beyond the trade show.

Boosting Online Presence

At a recent show, a photo and video team got some great shots of my performance. The booth featured prominently in the photos and video which were shared on social media. This turned out to be a great bit of free advertising!

So Again: Why Magic?

Incorporating magic into your trade show strategy isn’t just about entertainment—it’s a powerful tool for increasing booth traffic, and capturing more leads. With the right magician, your booth can attract attendees that would otherwise walk by, and then turn them into qualified leads.

So, if you’re looking for options to draw new leads to your trade show booth, consider adding a little magic to the mix. Feel free to reach out to me for a consultation on how we can make your booth the highlight of the next trade show. Contact me now >

Remember, in the competitive world of trade shows, a little magic can go a long way.