Imagine your next corporate conference buzzing not just during the coffee breaks but right through the sessions. As a professional corporate magician, I’ve seen firsthand the incredible impact magic can have on an event—from breaking the ice to making key messages stick. Let’s dive into how hiring a magician can transform your conference into an unforgettable event.

Understanding the Benefits of Hiring a Magician

Boosting Engagement

Magic isn’t just about tricks and illusions; it’s about captivating an audience. Think about those moments when everyone is glued to the performance, completely engaged. I remember performing at a conference where the magic act was right after the first keynote. The energy shift was palpable, and the engagement levels soared through the rest of the day.

Enhancing Memorability

When people remember your event, they remember your message. Magic has a unique way of making events memorable. I have incorporated a number of product launches into my magic act—the product literally appears out of thin air! At the following year’s event, the employees who were there still come up to me and talk about it.

Encouraging Interaction

Magic naturally encourages people to interact. They discuss how the tricks might have worked and share their amazement. It’s a great way to get attendees talking to each other, breaking down the formal barriers that often come with corporate settings. At a happy hour event, watching close-up magic is way better than staring at their drinks trying to make small talk.


Corporate magician Rob Anderson performs a magic show for guests at a corporate event in Las Vegas

Defining Your Needs and Objectives

Assessing Your Audience

Understanding who is attending is key. For instance, a tech-savvy crowd might love digital magic or tricks that use the latest gadgets, whereas a more traditional business group might appreciate classic sleight-of-hand.

Setting Objectives

What do you want the magic to achieve? Is it to energize the crowd after a long session, or perhaps to highlight a new product in a memorable way? Clear objectives help tailor the performance to your needs.

Event Theme Integration

I’ve worked magic into various themes, from “Innovation in the Workplace” to “Global Connectivity”. A good magician can adapt their act to reinforce the message you want to emphasize.


Finding the Right Magician

Researching Options

Start with a simple online search or ask for recommendations within your network. Professional magicians who specialize in corporate events will have a portfolio or showreel that you can review.

Checking Credentials

It’s crucial to check the magician’s credentials. Look for testimonials and reviews, or even better, watch live performances if possible. I always encourage potential clients to attend one of my public shows to get a feel for what I can bring to their event.

Evaluating Style and Specialties

Every magician has a unique style. Some are humorous and light-hearted, while others are more serious and mysterious. Choose a style that fits the tone of your corporate event to ensure it enhances, not clashes with, your agenda.

Planning the Magic Performance

Timing and Scheduling

Timing is everything. Place the magic act at strategic points to maximize impact, like right after a key speech to rejuvenate the audience, or as a closing act to end on a high note.


Customizing the act makes your event stand out. I often work with companies to create bespoke tricks that can incorporate their corporate message or logo, making the magic feel personal and relevant.

Technical Requirements

Discuss with your magician what technical setups are needed for their performance. This might include lighting, sound, or special props. Ensuring these are in place beforehand makes for a smooth performance.

Corporate magician and keynote speaker Rob Anderson performs a magic show on stage in front of a large crowd

Budgeting for a Magician

Understanding Costs

Hiring a magician can vary in cost based on experience, custom elements of the performance, and duration of the show. Generally, investing in a quality act ensures a higher return in audience satisfaction.

Maximizing ROI

Think beyond the performance. A good magic act can also be a marketing tool, creating buzz and making your conference the talk of the industry. This kind of word-of-mouth is invaluable.

Negotiation Tips

When negotiating, be clear about what the fee includes. Ask about additional costs like travel or accommodation, so there are no surprises.

Legal Considerations and Contracts

Contract Essentials

Ensure everything from performance length to confidentiality (if sensitive material is part of the act) is covered in your contract.

Cancellation Policies

Understand the cancellation policy. Things happen, and knowing how to handle a change in plans stress-free is crucial.

Leveraging the Magician Post-Event

Feedback and Evaluations

Always gather feedback. This helps you gauge the impact of the magic on your event and can guide future planning.

Promotional Use

Use clips or photos from the magic show in your post-event communications. It keeps the memory of the event alive and can stir interest for future events.

Building Long-Term Relationships

If the magician was a hit, consider building a long-term relationship. Having a go-to entertainer can make planning future events easier and more efficient.

Incorporating a magician into your conference isn’t just about entertainment; it’s about creating an engaging, memorable, and interactive experience. As a professional magician, I’ve seen these events transform from ordinary to extraordinary.

Ready to make your next conference truly unforgettable? Reach out today, and let’s discuss how magic can elevate your event beyond the ordinary!