3X Your Trade Show Engagement and Make Your Corporate Event Unforgettable

Rob Anderson is an illusionist and emcee who helps brands smash through their trade show goals, and turns ordinary events into unforgettable experiences.

Trade Show Magician Rob Anderson performs at a clients booth at an airline trade show as a crowd of attendees applauds the performance.

Are you looking to increase your trade show ROI?

Rob Anderson IS “The Trade Show ROI Guy”! Rob acts as a magical pitchman in your booth to attract warm leads and capture missed opportunities on the busy trade show floor.

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Corporate Event Magician Rob Anderson performs a magic show on stage with 2 audience members

Are you looking for entertainment for an event?

Rob will bring the same style of magic he’s performed on TV and for 50 million Youtube viewers to your guests!

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Corporate Emcee Rob Anderson prepares to introduce a CEO to the stage for his clients trade show booth at CES 2019

Are you looking for an emcee or host?

No magic necessary! Rob has hosted TV shows and major events for thousands of people. Your event will stay on schedule AND your guests will stay awake!

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“Fantastic show... unforgettable.”

-Pam Kaufman
President, Nickelodeon Global Consumer Products

“You’re a natural... thank you for all you’ve done for us at CES. You’re a part of the Indiegogo family now.”

-David Mandelbrot
CEO, Indiegogo

“Wow... I don’t know to follow Rob’s performance!”

-Tom Seery
CEO, Realself.com

“I’m a huge fan of Rob as a magician, a host, and a person; I know how rare it is to come upon a talent like him.”

-Tony DiSanto
President, MTV Networks

“Rob, that was incredible... no idea how you did that!”

-Brendan Haywood
NBA Champion

“Really, really great!”

-Haim Saban
CEO, Saban Brands

Who is Rob Anderson?

Hi! Rob Anderson here. I’m breaking the fourth wall so we can get to know each other a bit better. I’m a magician, a TV host and a Youtube creator who has been viewed over 50 million times. In 2013, I made the move to Las Vegas where I’ve lived ever since as a full time performer. One of my other passions aside from magic is entrepreneurship, and I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to use these two passions to create some amazing results for my wonderful clients all over the world. My focus is on adding value and unique experiences -not just some magic tricks- to all of my clients’ events. Ready to work together? Let’s talk!

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Trade Show Magic And Hosting

Are you ready to talk about how to 2-3X your engagement at your next trade show? You’ve seen it at every trade show you’ve attended: exhibitors that have spent tens of thousands of dollars (or MORE!) on elaborate booth setups, promotional materials and booth swag, just to see attendees walk by without taking a glance.

You DON’T just need a magician to do some ‘neat tricks’… you need a professional who understands how to make people fill your booth and BEG to talk to your sales team. Ready to learn how to double your engagement?

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Magic Up Close and On Stage

Do you want your guests to experience impossible magic that happens in their hands, just like they’ve seen on TV?

Do you want to avoid the regret of hiring a cheap magician who makes your guests the butt of a joke? (MANY magicians do this!)

Whether you’re seeking a full show for a seated audience, or strolling magic for a cocktail hour, I can craft an experience for your event that will have everyone belly-laughing and talking about the magic long after the event is over.

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Live Event Hosting

Forget the magic — do you need an emcee that will keep your event from going off the rails, and keep the audience awake?

What do you do when your next speaker goes MIA right before they’re supposed to go on?

How do you make up for hiring the ‘cheap guy’ last year who bored the audience and then told those offensive jokes?

Rob has handled all of these situations and more for his clients who need a seasoned, professional emcee.

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What Are They Saying?

Rob has plenty of celebrity endorsements who have been blown away by his magic, but what are some of his trade show clients saying?

Have a look at at these video endorsements from marketing executives after spending a few days on the trade show floor with Rob as he built crowds and increased their engagment!

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