3X Your Trade Show Engagement And Make Your Corporate Event Unforgettable

Rob Anderson is an illusionist and emcee who helps brands smash through their trade show goals, and turns ordinary events into unforgettable experiences.

Who is Rob Anderson?

Rob is a corporate magician, a TV host and a Youtube creator who has been viewed over 50 million times. If you’re looking to hire a magician, your goal is to add value to your corporate event or trade show booth. You DON’T want the cheesy magician who’s going to ruin your event with tired jokes and joke-shop magic tricks. You DO want to hire someone who will leave your guests talking about your event long after they leave. Rob’s focus is on adding value and unique experiences -not just some magic tricks- to your corporate event. Ready to work together? Click below!

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“Fantastic show... unforgettable.”

-Pam Kaufman
President, Nickelodeon Global Consumer Products

“You’re a natural... thank you for all you’ve done for us at CES. You’re a part of the Indiegogo family now.”

-David Mandelbrot
CEO, Indiegogo

“Wow... I don’t know to follow Rob’s performance!”

-Tom Seery
CEO, Realself.com

“I’m a huge fan of Rob as a magician, a host, and a person; I know how rare it is to come upon a talent like him.”

-Tony DiSanto
President, MTV Networks

“Rob, that was incredible... no idea how you did that!”

-Brendan Haywood
NBA Champion

“Really, really great!”

-Haim Saban
CEO, Saban Brands

Trade Show Magician Rob Anderson performs at a clients booth at an airline trade show as a crowd of attendees applauds the performance.

Are you looking to increase your trade show ROI?

Rob Anderson IS “The Trade Show ROI Guy”! Rob acts as a magical pitchman in your booth to attract warm leads and capture missed opportunities on the busy trade show floor.

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Corporate Event Magician Rob Anderson performs a magic show on stage with 2 audience members

Are you looking for a magician for a corporate event?

Rob will bring the same style of magic he’s performed on TV and for 50 million Youtube viewers to your corporate event guests!

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Corporate Emcee Rob Anderson prepares to introduce a CEO to the stage for his clients trade show booth at CES 2019

Are you looking for an emcee or host?

No magic necessary! Rob has hosted TV shows and major events for thousands of people. Your event will stay on schedule AND your guests will stay awake!

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Trade Show Magic And Presenter

Are you ready to talk about how to 2-3X your engagement at your next trade show? You’ve seen it at every trade show you’ve attended: exhibitors that have spent tens of thousands of dollars (or MORE!) on elaborate booth setups, promotional materials and booth swag, just to see attendees walk by without taking a glance. Sometimes, these booths even have a magician doing some tricks!

You DON’T just need a magician to do some ‘neat tricks’… you need a professional who understands how to make people fill your booth and BEG to talk to your sales team. Ready to learn how to double your trade show engagement?

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Magic Up Close and On Stage

Do you want your guests to experience impossible magic that happens in their hands, just like they’ve seen on TV?

Do you want to avoid the regret of hiring a cheap magician who makes your guests the butt of a joke? (MANY magicians do this!)

Whether you’re seeking a full show for a seated audience, or strolling magic for a cocktail hour, Rob can craft an experience for your event that will have everyone belly-laughing and talking about the magic long after the event is over.

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Live Event Host/Emcee

Forget the magic — do you need an emcee that will keep your event from going off the rails, and keep the audience awake?

What do you do when your next speaker goes MIA right before they’re supposed to go on?

How do you make up for hiring the ‘cheap guy’ last year who bored the audience and then told those offensive jokes?

Rob has handled all of these situations and more for his clients who need a seasoned, professional emcee.

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What Are They Saying?

Rob has plenty of celebrity endorsements who have been blown away by his magic, but what are some of his trade show clients saying?

Have a look at at these video endorsements from marketing executives after spending a few days on the trade show floor with Rob. Rob is the magician who will build crowds and increase your engagement, just as he did for these trade show clients!

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Frequently asked questions:

What is 'strolling magic'?

Strolling magic, also known as “close-up magic” is a form of magic that is performed in close proximity to your audience, often using everyday objects such as money, cards, and other small props. Strolling magic is typically performed for small groups of people as the magician mingles with the guests at your event.

One of the main characteristics of strolling magic is that it is highly interactive, with the magician often involving the audience in the tricks or performing tricks that involve members of the audience. This allows the magician to create a sense of intimacy and connection with the audience, and it also allows the audience to experience the magic up close and personal.

Close-up magic can be performed in a variety of settings, including at parties, corporate events, and in restaurants or other public spaces. Some of the most common types of close-up magic tricks include card tricks, coin tricks, and mentalism, which involves mind reading or other mental feats.

One of the benefits of close-up magic is that it can be performed in a variety of environments, and it requires minimal setup or equipment. This makes it an ideal form of entertainment for small groups, as the magician can easily move from one location to another and adapt the performance to the space and audience they are performing for.

If you are interested in hiring Rob to perform close-up magic for your event, you can use the contact form in the menu above.

What does a trade show magician do?

Trade show magicians specialize in performing magic shows with a sales pitch or marketing message at trade show booths. Trade show magicians typically use their skills to entertain and engage attendees, create brand awareness, and promote products or services.

Trade show magicians often perform close-up magic, which involves performing magic tricks with everyday objects such as cards, money, and other small props. This type of magic is well-suited for trade shows, as it can be performed in a variety of settings and requires minimal setup or equipment. Trade show magicians may also perform stage magic, which involves larger illusions and is typically performed in front of a larger audience.

In addition to performing magic tricks, trade show magicians may also use their skills to promote a company or product. For example, they may use their tricks to demonstrate the features or benefits of a product, or they may incorporate a company’s branding or logo into their performance.

Trade show magicians may also work with companies to develop customized magic routines or shows that are tailored to a specific product or audience. This can be an effective way to create a memorable and engaging experience for attendees and to drive brand awareness and sales.

Interested in hiring Rob as a trade show magician for your booth? Get in touch using the contact form in the menu above.

What does an event emcee do?

An event emcee, also known as a master of ceremonies or host, is responsible for guiding and facilitating the proceedings of a corporate awards show or other event. The emcee serves as the main point of contact and communication between the audience and the event organizers, and they play a critical role in setting the tone and pace of the show.

The specific duties of an event emcee at a corporate awards show will vary depending on the size and format of the event, as well as the preferences of the organizers. Some common responsibilities of an emcee at a corporate awards show may include:

  • Introducing speakers and presenters: The emcee is typically responsible for introducing the speakers and presenters at the event, which may include the CEO or other high-level executives, guest speakers, and award winners.

  • Managing the schedule: The emcee is responsible for ensuring that the event stays on track and that all necessary components are covered, such as presentations, award ceremonies, and entertainment.

  • Engaging the audience: The emcee is responsible for keeping the audience engaged and interested throughout the event, and they may use a variety of techniques, such as humor, storytelling, or interactive elements, to do so.

  • Handling any issues or unexpected events: The emcee is responsible for handling any issues or unexpected events that may arise during the event, such as technical difficulties or audience disruptions.

  • Closing the event: The emcee is typically responsible for bringing the event to a close, thanking the attendees and sponsors, and announcing any closing remarks or next steps.

If you are interested in hiring Rob as your emcee for your corporate awards show, please use the contact form in the menu above.

Can Rob perform magic during our dinner?

If you are having a corporate banquet/dinner, you may be considering entertainment for your event while the guests enjoy their meals. Entertainment during the meal is a great idea; it uplifts the atmosphere of the event and can really add to your evening.

While magic is a great idea for many corporate events, it should never be scheduled to occur while meals are being eaten. Magic (specifically Rob’s magic) is interactive in nature, and requires the attention and participation of the audience. 

While your guests are eating, they won’t want to have to look up from their meals and stop their coversation to pay attention to a magic show. It’s for this reason that magic is best scheduled for cocktail hour before dinner (strolling close-up magic), or an after dinner stage show. 

During the meal is the perfect time for ambient background entertainment, such as a live band, DJ or other musical act. Your guests will be able to enjoy their meals and conversations, while also being entertained by the music in the background.